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Getting to Pécs

Pécs can be found 200 km to the south of Budapest. The city can be approached in many ways.

  • By car on Motorway 6. Travelling time is approximately 3 hours.
  • By train. The timetable of the trains can be reached from the web. Travelling time of the train is 2.5 hours. In this case taxi transfer should be arranged between Ferihegy airport and the railway station. Airport taxis are operating at the airport.
  • By minibus. Minibuses can be ordered via the web and they provide door-to-door service, from the airport to the hotel in Pécs. (This is the recommended way as it is probably the most convenient.)
Getting around Pécs

Pécs by car

Public parking and access to restricted and protected Zones

Public parking
I. Zone - colour cod: Red - Monday-Friday: 08:00-18:00 Saturday: 08:00-13:00
II. Zone - colour cod: Blue - Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00 Saturday: Free
III. Zone - colour code: Yellow - Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00 Saturday: Free

The minimum waiting time is 15 minutes in all cases.

Parking map

Access and parking in restricted/protected areas
The regulation of Pécs Local Authority divided the historic centre and the neighbouring areas into a restricted and two protected "pedestrian" and "walking" areas. All parking spaces outside the above mentioned zones are operated in a parking zone and they can be used for a parking fee.
Accessing the restricted and protected areas is only allowed with access and waiting permission issued for inhabitants, institutions, goods transport, construction, property maintenance or the carrying out of public duties, furthermore free or not free on demand permissions to access and/or wait in the zone can be issued based on the present regulation in other cases. Fee is payable in case of accessing the areas with three or more wheels vehicles only.


Public transport in Pécs

With a well-established local bus network the outer parts of the historic city centre surrounded by the old city wall can be easily accessed from all directions. Once you are in the city centre the best way to explore the sights, the beauty spots and hidden treasures of Pécs is by walking. If you would like to discover the sights on the Mecsek Hill we recommend that you use public transport as well.

Daytime bus services in Pécs

Night bus services in Pécs

Bus timetable (in Hungarian)

Bus tickets, bus fares
Before boarding a bus tickets can be bought at the newsagent's, in the ticket offices of the Pécs Public Transport Company and in the Tourinform office (H-7621 Pécs, Széchenyi tér 7.). You can also buy a ticket from the bus driver but then you have to pay a supplement. 

An economic solution is the day card or the weekly pass depending on the length of your stay, however, these passes can only be bought at the ticket offices of the Pécs Public Transport Company.
Student discounts are not applicable to passes but another alternative is the monthly student pass if you plan to stay for a longer period.
Ticket purchased before boarding: 300 HUF
Ticket purchased from the driver: 400 HUF
1 day pass: 1050 HUF
3 days pass: 2700 HUF
Weekly pass: 3170 HUF
Student monthly pass: 3475 HUF 

Travelling conditions
Passengers under 6 and above 65 (including citizens of EU members states) as well as blind and hearing impaired passengers with 1 accompanying person can travel free of charge.

For further information, bus routes and schedule and special enquiries please contact the Tourinform Office:

H-7621 Pécs, Széchenyi tér 7.
Tel.: +36 72 213 315, +36 72 212 632